Meet Betty and Denise, of B & D Siamese

As of December 2020, Betty has now retired from raising Siamese kittens.

B & D Siamese is a small, in home, "hobby" cattery, located in central Ohio - home of the Ohio State Buckeyes! Betty, the founding member, has been breeding and raising pure bred Traditional & Classic Siamese kittens for over 50 years, with Denise joining her in breeding and raising Siamese in 1999, after Betty decided she needed to winter in Florida for her arthritis. Betty is no longer able to travel to Florida for the winters, but after that first winter of keeping Betty's Queens and Stud, and raising a couple of litters that first year, Denise soon became hooked on breeding and raising Siamese as well, so she began the search of selecting and purchasing some queens and studs of her own. B & D's combined goal is to raise happy and healthy Siamese kittens for your pleasure and companionship; we do not breed for show, so we think you will find our kittens are reasonably priced compared to other cattery prices! References can be provided upon request.

B & D Siamese Cattery is a veterinary approved and vet recommended cattery; and is also proud to be a registered Traditional Cat Association Cattery, having been awarded the "Cattery Of Supreme Excellence" rating since 2007. We breed the Traditional Siamese Appleheads, which have the round faces and full bodies; and also the Classic Siamese, which have the slightly less round face and a bit slimmer body. We do not breed Wedgeheads. We raise the four standard colors of Siamese, including seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point kittens. In the past we have also raised Balinese, but are no longer able to produce them.

Our kittens are sold for pets only, please! We do not sell breeders, and we do not provide stud service!

Our Siamese cats are full blood, pure bred, TCA registered Traditional & Classic Siamese, and come from registered bloodlines. Our cats are loved and well cared for, healthy, vet checked and vaccinated yearly, plus FELV/FIV tested, with veterinary records available upon request. Our home is flea and parasite free, but all of our cats are de-wormed periodically, just as a precaution. Your kitten will be ready for it's first shots anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks of age, depending upon your veterinarian's policies. We prefer you to do this with your own veterinarian, that way all of your kitten's records will be on file with your vet's office, rather than ours. We have found that this also saves your kitten from having to receive extra and perhaps unnecessary shots, as a kitten needs to receive two consecutive vaccinations of identical vaccine combinations. Just as a point of interest, every vet has their own preference of vaccine combinations, and sometimes our own kitten purchases have resulted in the new kitties still needing to have one or even two additional vaccinations, since the vaccines they were given prior to our purchase did not match what our vet prefers them to have.

We do a simple purchase agreement with our clients, with regard to spaying or neutering your kitten, as they will make a healthier and more loving pet once they are fixed. While we do not recommend de-clawing, this is a decision that should only be made with your own veterinarian after careful consideration by doing lots of research and checking into all the facts. The laser de-claw procedure is a bit more costly, but highly recommended if you decide in favor of de-clawing. While there is always controversy regarding de-clawing, we feel that this should be the client's choice to make. We strongly suggest that you keep your cat or kitten indoors, and never expose them to the dangers of the outdoor world (vehicles, diseases, etc.). If you do take your cat or kitten out for walks on a leash (which they can be easily trained to do), please remember that you will need to give them flea and worm treatments regularly, as these are the things that they will be most easily exposed to outdoors.

 We are always happy to get updates on our babies as they grow up, so don't forget to email us once in a while with kitten news; and we also love to get photos, as your new baby grows into a beautiful young cat!


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