Here are just some of the many photos and testimonials we have received from our clients, that came with cards, letters and e-mails. It's awesome to see our "children" growing up, and to see how much they have become a part of these loving families! We hope you enjoy these as much as we have!


This is the gorgeous Aja Skye, a traditional seal point
out of Nikki and Tai. "Aja is our beautiful princess,
and an absolute Siamese Angel!" The Worley's  


Meet Ely, a handsome chocolate point boy out of Mocha and Cruiser.
"Ely has provided me with endless love, affection, and laughter, and
never a day goes by without him giving me a smile or a good laugh!
Thank you so much for bringing such joy to my life!" - Chelsea Cound  


"Rudy here - aka Rudydude. My owner carries a picture of me in his wallet . . . not a picture
of his wife, his kids, or even his grandkids, but a picture of me!! I feel so loved and special!
By the way, I am a huge Buckeye's fan! Click here to see my 'Go Bucks' poster; I made the O-H-I-O
all by myself!"- The Sharrock Family


Taz is a chocolate point out of Tasja & Cruiser.
"Don't look so surprised, you know we like to nap after playing tag!"
Yes, these two play tag and once they start, it is best just to stay
out of their way!" - The Thomas Family


What a handsome fellow this seal point is, out of Trudee & Cruiser's - owned by Carol Krimmer


6 month old lilac point female
"Simone is very social and loves to snuggle - we just love her so much!"
- The Olin's


Meet Rudy, a handsome little seal point male out of Trudee & Joey
"What an adventurous boy he is, he is also still quite the snuggle bug and
lap kitty...a perfect blend of fun and love! Thank you for such a wonderful kitten!"
- The Perkins & Russell Family


Chip is a chocolate point out of Chloe & Cruiser.
"We are the proud parents of Chip and Taz. They are so intelligent, and very entertaining.
We can't imagine our lives without a Siamese in it!" - The Thomas Family


Seals enjoying the sunshine - what a beautiful trio!
These lovely seal points are out of Chloe & Tai - owned by Susan Hollar


 Gorgeous black & white shot of Bella, 4 month old blue point
"We love how ornery she is, and we can't believe how smart she is too!"
- Jill Tubbs

Kitty Hollar Christmas 2009
"Our B & D Siamese family of seals
started with these three litter mates....."
Kitty Hollar Christmas 2010
".....and they are such a joy that we had
to add more, with lilacs and chocolate!"

"This is truly a case of Siamese being like potato chips - you can't have just one!!!" view our Photo Album of Adopted Kittens, please click HERE...
Once the album opens, just click on "Adopted Kittens Photo Album", and
you will find many wonderful photos of our kittens in their new homes,
as well as lots of fun testimonials from their new families!






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