Meet Sterling Silver Kai, our newest traditional blue point
King! He is such a lovable hoot, as much personality as
Chino, and then some! Hopes are high that Kai's genetics
will start giving us blue points and lilac points again!



 Chino is a very handsome guy, and is quite the character! He is
a traditional chocolate point, with absolutely tons of personality,
and he really is such a lover! Chino is doing a great job of giving
us some gorgeous chocolate and seal kittens, just like Falco!!!



Falco is our traditional seal point stud, coming in to take Joey's
place (Joey & Falco traded places with a cattery in southern IL). He
is a gorgeous boy with big blue eyes and a nice round face. Falco only
throws seals and chocolates, but it's exciting to have his bloodlines!





Joey is A traditional applehead chocolate point stud, a big, strong, and very handsome boy!
Joey is such a lover, always talking to me asking for attention, nuzzling in my hair, and he
loves to have girlfriends around! Joey has produced gorgeous kittens for me, but since I had
kept several of his girl kittens for my breeding program, he has moved on to another cattery.


 Tai is our traditional blue point stud, an amazing, handsome young fellow
who is a wonderful boy! He absolutely loves attention, craves belly rubs,
and also loved his girlfriends!!! Tai has earned his well deserved retirement!  


 Cruiser is our retired traditional chocolate point stud; a very social fellow
who is a tremendous talker, quite handsome, and really likes his girlfriends!


Sisko is our retired traditional seal point stud - a
big, beautiful, shy guy, who also likes to talk a lot!


Dodger is our retired traditional seal point stud.



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