Tai is our traditional blue point stud, an amazing, handsome young fellow
who is quite the character! He absolutely loves attention, and also loves girlfriends!!!





Joey is A traditional applehead chocolate point stud, a big, strong, and very handsome boy!
Joey is such a lover, always talking to me asking for attention, nuzzling in my hair, and he
loves to have girlfriends around! Joey has produced gorgeous kittens for me, but since I had
kept several of his girl kittens for my breeding program, he has moved on to another cattery.


 Cruiser is our retired traditional chocolate point stud; a very social fellow
who is a tremendous talker, quite handsome, and really likes his girlfriends!


Sisko is our retired traditional seal point stud - a
big, beautiful, shy guy, who also likes to talk a lot!


Dodger is our retired traditional seal point stud.



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November 2, 2019

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