Rylee & Kai's litter of 4 wonderful little babies was born
December 8th! Looks like all four are boys for a change,
which is great! Could be seals, blues, chocolates or lilacs!


Willow & Kai's litter of 4 tiny babies arrived December 11th!
She is so much happier now that they finally arrived. Seems
to be 2 girls and 2 boys, also could be any of the four colors!


Gia & Kai's litter of 4 nice big babies were born December 25th,
right on time! Christmas babies, which is just too wonderful!
Could be a variety of colors, but looks like all boys!


Gabbi & Falco's litter of 4 very nice babies arrived on January 21st!
This litter will be seals, as that is all Gabbi throws. Looks like three
boys and one little girl! They will be adorable as always!



Watch this page for new birth announcements and availability!




Please understand that we do have a huge wait list at all times, depending on the color
and gender you are looking for, so patience is definitely required!!!

If you are interested in going on our wait list for a kitten, please email us at bdsiamese@yahoo.com. There is no charge to be placed on our wait list, but when you are contacted that there will be upcoming kittens available, you must be willing to make an advance payment of some type at that time. You will not be added to the wait list if you are not willing to make a payment when instructed to do so. (Please see Purchase Info) If you do not respond to our notification within 7 to 14 days that it is time for a payment, you will automatically be removed from our list (or moved to the bottom) and we will move on to the next person waiting.




Seal Points Blue and Seal Points
Chocolate Points Lilac, Chocolate, and Seal Points


 Click here to view the Siamese Genetics Chart if you are interested in seeing
what the point color possibilities are from certain matingsā€¦




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