Birth Announcements


Nikki & Joey's litter of five nice little babies arrived on September 19th!
Nikki always has wonderful babies, and we are hopeful that mated
with Joey, she might produce all four colors in this litter!!!


Lita & Joey's litter of 5 big babies were born on October 3rd, right
on time! There seem to be three boys and two girls, and there is
a chance for a Balinese or two in this litter! Chocolates & lilacs.


Roxi & Joey (his last litter with us before he moved) had an amazing
litter of 8 tiny babies on October 30th, 2 days early! This is Roxi's
first litter, and she was not very big, so talk about a surprise!
Colors will be a surprise, but looks like 6 boys and 2 girls.


Watch this page for new birth announcements and availability!




Please understand that we do have a good sized wait list at times, depending on the color
and sex you are looking for, so sometimes patience is required!!!

If you are interested in going on our wait list for a kitten, please email us at There is no charge to be placed on our wait list, and you will be contacted at the time we have a kitten available that matches your request. A deposit must be placed at that time. (Please see Purchase Info) If you do not respond to our notification within 7 to 14 days, you will automatically be removed from our list and we will move on to the next person waiting.




Seal Points Blue and Seal Points
Chocolate Points Lilac, Chocolate, and Seal Points


 Click here to view the Siamese Genetics Chart if you are interested in seeing
what the point color possibilities are from certain matings…




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November 2, 2019

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