Gabbi is one of our newest queens, a petite little seal point who is cute as
can be! Gabbi is actually Misty's niece (out of Misty's sister, Brandy).
Gabbi is ready to start presenting us with wonderful little babies!


Holly is our beautiful little traditional seal point queen, daughter
of Trudee, and granddaughter of Wendy. Holly has a wonderful,
fun personality - loving, outgoing, playful and friendly! We are
sure her babies will be every bit as much fun as she is!


Kali is our newest queen, a big lovable chocolate point who is
extremely playful and has always loved playing with kittens, as
well as grooming and mothering them! Hopefully this means she
will be a great mom!!! Kali is a daughter of Sophi, our lilac queen.


Kisha is our pretty little traditional seal point queen, daughter of the gorgeous
Brianna. While Kisha is not built quite as heavy as Brianna, she has
already presented us with some absolutely stunning babies!


Sophi is is our very talkative lilac point queen; a bundle of joy with a
wonderfully soft coat and a very playful and loving personality! Sophi has
a slightly more classic body type rather than the traditional applehead.


Lita (short for Chocolita Diva) is our newest young queen,
a chocolate point Balinese, and the great-grand daughter of our
precious Zoe.  Lita has a gorgeous, feathery, plume like tail,
and cute little tufts coming out of her ears and from between her toes!
However, her coat is the long and silky Angora type, rather that the
thick fluffy type of coat.  She is soft as silk!


Sunny is our stunning seal point queen, a tall girl with a slightly classic build.
Sunny is the daughter of our retired queen Tasja, and is the spitting image of
her mother, both in looks as well as personality - so we are hoping her babies
will all have that same wonderful personality too!!!


Misty is our beautiful chocolate point queen; with quite a fun and playful
personality! Misty is a traditional applehead, and looks as though she will
be a pretty big girl.


Lacey is Betty's lovely little blue point queen, and is also Tasja's daughter.
Lacey is very outgoing, and has a very playful personality like her mom. She
has presented us with some wonderful babies!


Nikki is Betty's wonderful new traditional seal point queen,
also out of Trudee and Wendy's line. This line has been great
for our cattery, nice sized litters and no problems with birthing.
Nikki has a talkative nature and a lovely soft coat, and ready
to start giving us babies in the winter of 2014!!!





 Zoe is a gorgeous traditional chocolate point queen, who retired after
giving us Chloe & Mocha to carry on her lines. She is our special princess!!!


 Chloe is a beautiful retired chocolate point queen;
daughter of retired Zoe, and sister of Mocha.


 Mocha is another lovely retired chocolate point queen.
She is Zoe’s daughter, and Chloe's younger sister; these girls
always gave us the most beautiful chocolate point kittens!


Bailey is Mocha's daughter, and Zoe's grand-daughter, and is our youngest
chocolate point girl ever to retire. Sadly this gorgeous little girl encountered
some very drastic problems and lost her first litter, and we nearly lost her.
Thanks to the great teams at MedVet in Columbus for saving her life!


Noelle is a beautiful traditional lilac point queen, who sadly had to retire quite suddenly
at a very young age. She nearly lost her life due to complications with her second
pregnancy, and had to be rushed to Med Vet Hospital for blood transfusions and emergency
surgery, where she ended up having to be spayed in order to save her life. Sadly, we just
lost Noelle recently, due to liver failure complications.... she was only 6 years old.


Brianna is a gorgeous traditional seal point queen, who had to retire early
due to complications with her pregnancies and birthing. During her short time
as a queen, Brianna did present us with some wonderful, fat, chubby babies!!!


Misha is our quiet, petite traditional blue point queen, also a daughter of Brianna.
Misha has a velvety soft coat, and has now been retired. We hope Misha
will be spoiled rotten and very happy in her new forever home!


Mimosa is a lovely little chocolate point queen; a very petite young lady
with an easy going personality. Mimosa has a slightly more classic body
type rather than the traditional applehead. Mimosa has moved to S.C.
to bless O's Sweet Faces Siamese with her gorgeous babies now!!!


 In loving memory of our Ivy, retired seal point
traditional queen. (Ivy is also one of Wendy’s daughters)


Tasja is our retired classic chocolate point queen, who is truly one of a kind!
She loves to purr and play constantly, and the acrobatics never end!


Trudee is one of our retired seal point queens,
and another daughter of retired queen Wendy.


 Moriah is our retired seal point Balinese
queen, and another of Wendy’s daughters!


 Wendy is our retired traditional seal point
queen; Mother of Ivy, Moriah, and Trudee.


 Heidi is our retired blue point traditional
queen, a very friendly girl with really soft fur!




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